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For the past several years, Pocket Change Classic Country has been entertaining Northern California audiences with music that puts the "country" back into Country Music. Drawing from a rich  musical heritage, featuring tight vocal harmony, traditional guitar, mandolin and stand up bass, this band pays tribute to the great songs of Country and Americana music.






Band Bio

The birth of a band: 

Pocket Change Classic Country born by a comment. One summer after a jam session, while waiting in line at a food truck event, Mary Lou and Maryann started harmonizing a song we had been playing when a stranger in front of them said ‘hey you guys are good, you should start a band’. The  food truck event was located in Sacramento’s "Pocket neighborhood" which was a partial reason for the name "Pocket Change". 

As regular volunteers at animal shelters, retired law enforcement officers, good friends and musicians they were soon playing benefits for animal rescue, police fund raisers and busking from Old Sacramento to the delta, having fun, sharpening skills and gathering experience and fans. 

The band is influenced by musical legends such as Hank Williams Sr, Emmy Lou Harris, Highway 101, Chet Atkins the Carter Family  and other Blue Grass greats.  

Band Members: 


Playing lead guitar and mandolin, David Flaa grew up listening to Hank Williams the Carter Family and other country legends which nurtured his taste for traditional Country music. Later hearing the Nitty Gritty Dirt band, Merle Haggard, Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson Johnnie Cash and other greats further influenced his playing style. 

Self taught by recording songs late at night from Oklahoma radio station KOMA, using a copper wire taped to the wall as an antenna, and watching other players shape chords, he taught himself how to play guitar.  A few years later David was playing in his first of several  bands. 

Mary Lou 

Mary Lou was born into a musical family listening to  her father playing banjo, accordion, guitar,  ukulele and mandolin as well as singing, put music in her DNA. After starting guitar in high school, she went on to try her hand at the violin, autoharp and dobro.

In 2006 she finally found her musical calling when she tried a double bass at a Bluegrass music festival and fell in love, took it home and started a family. Her “bass family” includes “Bertha”, “Billy” and “Bitty”. A traditional “dog house” bass, a “rockabilly” bass and a “U”  (ukulele) bass. 

Self taught, with an incredible ear for music harmony and meter she keeps the band on the beat and creates a foundation the music builds on. 


 Maryann, who plays rhythm guitar, sings lead and harmony has been an active musician most of her life. Her interest in music started at an early age playing the violin in grammar school and teaching herself guitar in junior high. By high school she was playing drums and also tried harmonica, piano, mandolin and banjo. Over the years, she has played drums, guitar and sang in several bands. 

Strongly influenced by her mother who sang, Maryann has had years of voice training. Her influences including her mother, are Joan Baez, Carol King, Cat Stevens and others.

Fan and Customer Comments:

"We are so fortunate to have this group, everyone was tapping their toes when they played. You were a real hit"
Rebecca G. CNC Respite Director 12/27/14

"You not only put on a great performance, your kindness and unassuming personalities shine through."
CNC Staff member 5/30/15

"They really love you guys, and they want you back."
Jane R., Activity Director Regency Place 2/26/16

"You sound great."
Gary N., Ludy's BBQ Booking Agent 3/4/16

"It was truly perfect having you be a part of our Thanksgiving Celebration". Everyone loved your performance...they loved your style and selections"
Christina H., Director Greenhaven Estates 11/17/2016

"You guys are great" Jana H. Fan 7/11/17 

" Yawl rock. Queen of Hearts is one of my favorite country songs" Elizabeth H. 7/11/17

For more information, contact us at (916) 715-9299 or